Valentine One Radar Detector Review – Is it Best?

Valentine One Radar Detector is one of the best user friendly Device. In case you have been thinking of buying a radar detector because you want to avoid getting caught by some police speed gun while you rush to go to work or get home, you must consider the price. The price tag might be quite spicy, but in spite of that, the detector called Valentine one is one of the finest detectors available on the market. The multiple kinds of features that it has are capable of detecting speed gun signals over long distances. This gives you the chance of slowing down your car before the police speed gun catches you, saving you from speeding ticket troubles.

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Valentine One Radar Detector Review

Apart from the general features which every radar detector possesses, the Valentine one comes with a wide array of detection aspects that would alert you whenever any speed gun is operating and sending signals ahead and as well as when after you pass it. This system of V1 has been designed in order to detect false alarms, so that you don’t have to deal with every signal. It is a very significant feature for radar detectors. That is because the radars could pick up loads of different electromagnetic waves which might or might not be coming from speed guns. To be able to identify which signals are real and which ones are not is very important. The Valentine One radar detector alerts you every false alarm it flags. You will see an icon marked “J” on its screen, which is short for “Junk”.

In short, the V1 is an immensely popular and one of the best radar detectors on the market. It comes with multiple features. However, it also has it customized on a high price tag. But if you really are in need of an extraordinary tool to save you from speeding ticket, this is what you would need to escape it.

There is no doubt that the Valentine One is one of the best radar detectors 2019 available on the market. Its only drawback would be the high price, no doubt. Price is what most users check out at first, for obvious reasons. Only a few of those people actually decide to purchase a radar detector which would cost over $400 because it is a huge amount for average users. Well, if you compare the size of the device, the amount might seem to be too much. Now, that would be one other flaw of this tool- its size. It can prove to be quite a hindrance to move around because it is larger than usual. However, it is the most efficient tool for detecting speed guns, so there you have it.

Whenever anybody mentions Valentine One radar detectors, people with at least idea about this field would know something about this little model and brand. The V1 was introduced to users back in the ‘90s. Since then, it has established brand over the market, becoming one of their most popular and finest radar detectors, making it as a bestseller.

The V1 radar detector will offer its user a 360 degree visibility, which means protection from all sides. This will alert you about any police speed gun looming ahead or chasing behind you. This technology used by the detector is capable of classifying every threat it will detect between real and false threats. This is going to come very handy. It is undetectable to all sorts of speed guns around you as well, which would prove to be another useful aspect of the detector. The Valentine One is capable of detecting both kinds of speed guns that the law enforcement use- the normal version and the laser guns used of late. It does all that and stays completely invisible to any kind of detecting device.

Bottom line is that there are loads of technologies in this V1 that ensure it is one of the top rated radar detectors, despite its price.


  • Dimensions: 6” x 2.5” x 4”
  • Weight: 10.6 ounces at best.
  • Kinds of detectable speed guns: All minds, both the old versions of speeds and new lasers. No hitch at all.
  • Aesthetic aspects: It is not much of a looker for a radar detector. However, it might not impress with the design; rather it does that through the techs packed into it.
  • Functionality: The Valentine one is a leading radar detector, listed some of the top rated radar detectors in the industry.
  • Ergonomics: The V1 is quite easy to install into your car and even easier to understand how it works. You would no difficulty in operating it.

Positives: Valentine One is a best police radar detector for the money equipped with loads of features. These features make it capable of detecting speed guns over long distances and also invisible to all the different electromagnetic signals that come from these guns.

Negatives: The radar detector costs more than $400, which would be pretty much for average drivers.

In conclusion, the Valentine One is the most, arguably one of the most, well known radar detectors available out on the industry, not without good reason either. The different technologies and features it comes with will almost definitely make the price tag of $400 worth all of it.

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