Escort Solo S3 Review – Best Cordless Radar Detector

Escort determined to develop its product collection. They had good reasons for it too. Escort is a pioneer in the industry of radar detectors. So, it then decided to extend things and take their products up a notch by bringing in escort solo s3 best cordless detector technique. You should consider that though the device works well & goes with its counterparts as well as surpass too.

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Escort Solo S3 Review

You would be giving up some useful characteristics in exchange of the transportability this device offers its users. To know more about the feature scales and price balances.

  • Long Range Protection

The Escort Solo will cover all of the typical frequencies and signals. Those include the K-band, Ka-band and the X-band as well. The instant on signals would be detected too. This detection system has gotten a complete overhaul that has improved its detecting capability over long ranges.

  • Mega Performance Laser Protection

Using signal band to detect speed radars could sometimes mislead a person and have them get caught. This would be due to the laser controlled speed radars. They do not use any kind of signals at all. This means that these best police radar detector would appear completely undetectable if out all by themselves to radar detectors. This model of S3 comes equipped with multiple kinds of sensors that are able to detect beams of laser. These sensors can cover broad fields of view and also operate at frequencies of low noise in order to ensure maximized protection against the laser beams.

  • Customizable Features

The Escort SOLO S3 does not drag behind over the customizable tasks either. You will have a choice to pick from 9 different kinds of driving modes within it. If you worried about the battery and resetting all the previous settings, then here is a great feature. The S3 best cordless radar detector will always save your settings within the internal memory database. Therefore, even if it goes without any power, there would be no adverse effect on your saved settings.

  • Graphic and High Resolution Display
    he display of Escort Solo S3 has been totally revamped too. Escort has used the technology of OLED, which would make for an easy reading on it. Everything has been efficiently organized on it and just a peek is quite enough for you to determine what kind of alarm you are being given. In addition, you could also use the bar graphs too, plus the expert and patented meter. It really comes down to your preferences to be honest.
  • Safety Radar Signals

Like all the other models of Escort, this Solo S3 best radar detector for the money 2019 would be able to make available up to 64 separate alarm types. The alarms can be detected by the Safety Warning technology.

  • Getting it out of the box

You could start using the Solo S3 within practically no time. It is operable right when you get it out of its box. You only need to put the AA batteries in it and you will be ready to go. These batteries come with the box. Well, if you are not too technical in nature, it would probably be a useful idea to read through the instruction manual too. It will provide you with detailed instructions on not only the operations, but on how to correctly install it as well.

You should note that installing it incorrectly might have some adverse consequences on its detection abilities. This has also been the cause of multiple negative responses and escort solo s3 review from buyers and users.

The box also includes one windshield mounting device that is adjustable and travel case.

Highly Efficient Battery Design

The highly efficient design of Solo S3 makes sure that it consumes less power than the corded counterparts of itself. This makes sure a pretty long battery life that can run up to months. Just in case the batteries get low, you would be notified beforehand. You will not be alerted this best rated radar detector 2019 absolutely on the last point.


  • No harassment with cords.
  • Long term operation capability on battery.


  • The short range of detection can be problematic at times. This happens because of battery powered operations in comparison to corded detectors. There have been mixed reviews about this from users.
  • Windshield mount is not powerful enough.


The Solo S3 from Escort has fared quite well among its users. Its overall ratings 75 five stars and 23 four stars will attest to it. Along with that, there were 8 three, two and one star responses that have complained regarding the lack of range detection.

Best Cordless Radar Detector

This device will fit you perfectly if you like to be the traveling kind of person. We recommend you to be ready to exchange some performance traits for easy portability though. The different modes of driving considered, it would be a very helpful feature, in case multiple people use the device. For example, different people with different driving styles going to different locations on different types of vehicles will have to be able to shuffle through these 9 different setting modes.

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