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If you have been searching for Escort Passport Max2 reviews and the best bargains for Radar Detectors, you are exactly where you want to be. We are as good for the cash as we sound. We would be providing you information regarding the Escort Passport Max2 HD Radar Detector. It is one of the items recommended by the classification of best radar detectors for the money 2019.

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Radar detectors are now the new standard in protection from speed ticket. The new PASSPORT Max2 from Escort will deliver breakthrough performance unlike any other radar. It gives you the ultimate accuracy and range, enabling you to drive without any worry.

With its built in Bluetooth tech, the PASSPORT Max2 detector provides you with an access to the award-winning Escort app named ESCORT Live.

We have a real-time, exclusive network for ticket-protection network that we utilize for various purposes. We use it in order to warn you about all upcoming warnings that other users receive and report in the area. This will also provide you with access to things like the data on local speed limits and alerts for over-speeding.

Max2 HD also comes loaded with locations for red lights and speed cameras all over North America. There are also weekly updates in order to keep the users up-to-date regarding all the latest changes related to safe speeding throughout North America.

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Features of Escort’s Passport Max2

  • Built in wireless technology and Bluetooth
  • The all new receiving system has been incorporated advanced military tech called the DSP or Digital Signal Processing
  • Multi-Colored OLED Display
  • PASSPORT Max2 could be customized according to personal preference and driving style
  • It will prove to be more intelligence than you thought.

If you want to buy this particular product, you have to ensure that you get best quality stuff at a special cost. However, you must consider where you buy the best radar detector 2019 from. We recommend that before buying the product, you should make sure that the store provides good service and has a commendable track record.

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