Escort Passport Max Review

Escort Passport Max is one of the most popular brands that make radar detectors. It is quite well known out in the market because it has the ability to create and one of the finest radar detectors you can find. This judgment can be made based on the price and performance of the radar detectors. The Passport Max radar detector has been deemed to be one of the most useful detectors in the cluster, rivaling the famous detector Valentine One, arguably the best out there. There are a number of Escort Passport Max review that have labeled the Max by Escort is very attractive as well as highly effective.

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Escort Passport Max Review

The Passport Max detector by Escort is a very expensive model. In fact, it is one of Escort’s most costly models that are available out on the market. This is a point that would turn away many of the users. But there is one thing it can absolutely guarantee for your benefit. That is- all the different features that it has are totally worth every penny you would spend. You will see that investing in this best radar detector for the money 2019 would be a great decision because it will guarantee your safety from the danger called speed tickets.

First and foremost, the Passport Max is capable of detecting all kinds of speed guns that the law enforcement uses based on radar detector laws on every band, Ka, K, X or other lasers. This is one of those few models which can detect every single band, which includes the laser bands too. The Digital Signal Processing or DSP technology will allow the detector to distinguish the actual radar threats over long distances. This gives you time to slow your vehicle down. This technology will also make the radar detector capable of processing the electromagnetic signals which it has detected. After that, it will determine whether that signal came from a laser gun or speed gun used by any law enforcement personnel or any other signal which does resemble signals from speed guns.

Though the price of this model is quite high, it will not disappoint you. If you want a radar detector that would never fail to alert you of imminent danger and save you a large portion of your money on speeding tickets, this model called Passport Max from Escort is what you want.

Why Buy Escort Passport Max?

The single most trouble of Passport Max from Escort is that it is going to make your wallet very thin. It has a price tag. This kind of pricing is quite a bit of burden for all the average car drivers. We can only counter this obstacle with the fact that it will save you a lot more money that would otherwise be wasted on speeding tickets and hassle with police.

We are going to try and justify the pricing of Passport Max by Escort is way over $500 for you. Firstly, the DSP or Digital Signal Processing technology is going to help the device detect the actual threats over long distances ahead and around. That is not all. This best police radar detector is capable of processing the real signals and ignoring all the others consider as fake.

Passport Max comes with the Defender Database. This is a special feature which keeps track and records all the previous “hot spots” for you. These hot spots are all the locations where traps and speed cameras are kept. If your radar is not sensitive of such locations, there are control buttons you could use to add those locations to its database. This will enable the detector to remember those spots when you encounter them the next time and will alert you beforehand. Escort connects all the radars it sells to the Escort official website as well. On this website, all the information regarding the most up-to-date spots that the police have used to install speed cameras or speed traps and many more is available. You only have to make sure there is an internet connection available when you use that particular feature.

There is one more thing that sets this radar detector apart is its elegant and brilliant display. Most of the radars on the market are black and white. Escort Passport Max brings an innovation into the domain. They use a multi-colored OLED display with brilliant graphics, which is designed to light up the particular icons that represent each kind of radar threat. This would also provide you with the chance to pick the different colors you want the display to show. This customized display is a really nice feature to consider. The alerts that you get are in a completely crystal clear and humanized voice in order to make sure the user understands every single word about the imminent threat.

Statistics on Passport Max Radar Detector

The Blueprint: The layout of the Passport Max is surprisingly good-looking. It has a multi-colored OLED display which would allow you to customize the appearance of this display. You can choose whichever color you like for each different threat.

  • Dimension: The dimensions of this device are 1.3 x 5.3 x 3.2 inches.
  • Weight: Passport Max weighs 8 ounces in totality.

Positives: Escort’s Passport Max is on their best radar detector on the market. Most of the people that purchase this radar detector have reviewed saying that they are completely satisfied and also trust the technology of Escort.

Negatives: If you want a brand new piece of this, you have to pay around $500.

The conclusion here would be that though Passport Max radar detector is quite expensive. But its different features and technologies the device comes equipped with help to make it undetectable to speed guns. Simultaneously, those features enable it to detect all kinds of bands including the laser ones, K, Ka and X. This design is quite attractive considering those of radar detectors, containing numerous shades of colors for every threat. To sum up, we think that the Passport Max by Escort is absolutely worth every dollar you spend on it.

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